Ignite Fire Investigation, like the phoenix, is reborn and starts up under the leadership of Joaquín Díaz, with the enthusiasm and ambition of a new project, dedicated to the sector of accidents caused by fire, consolidated by the experience acquired over years of work in cases of fires and explosions.


The experience accumulated over years as a public fire investigator and in the private sector, includes industrial, commercial, residential and forest fires. Fires in vehicles and transport, machinery and boats, have provided an extra to the knowledge of the root causes of these types of accidents.

We stand out in a large number of research carried out for renewable energy companies, due to fires in wind turbines, wind farms, substations, photovoltaic and solar thermal plants. With the study in each case of fire, the purpose of our customers is to find out if there is any cause and responsibility in it. They also seek to implement improvements aimed at fire prevention, providing support to manufacturers and technologists.

years of experience

Recognition for Excellence in Fire Investigation

During his time as a fire investigator at Synthesis, in 2019, he received the Merit Award for Best Technical Verifier at the XXV Sectorial Competition for Insurance Fraud Detection, ICEA, the entity MGS, Seguros y Reaseguros, for attempted fraud in a fire investigation carried out by him.


Our team is made up of fire investigation experts with extensive experience in the field, and we use the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our results.

Origin and causes

Our services are mainly aimed at investigating the origin and causes in all types of fire and explosion scenarios. According to current research standards, knowing how to identify the point of origin allows us to discover the source of ignition and define the hypothesis of the cause that generated it.

Analysis and interpretation

With the identification and interpretation of the fire marks, analysis of the information received and reasoned evaluation, an orderly sequence of the events is proposed, reflecting the conclusions in a report, a useful tool with which to know if it is an accidental or intentional event and if there is responsibility for it.

Venue Information

The presentation in the area of the fire and the contact allows obtaining direct information of the fire marks and acquiring testimonies of people involved and witnesses.

Scientific method

In the testing of each forensic fire investigation, we rely on the scientific method and the NFPA 921, Guide for fire and explosion investigations, to determine if the origin and cause of the fire are scientifically valid.

All over the world!

Our specialization and demand does not allow us to be limited only to work in Spain, but also internationally, both inside and outside the European Union.


We use advanced techniques and technologies to determine the causes and origins of fires and explosions.


Here you will find the latest news and advances in the field of fire investigation, as well as information about the latest fires that have occurred and the measures being taken to prevent them.